Plow CLI setup

Installing Rust toolchain

To install the Plow CLI, currently an installation of a recent version of the Rust language toolchain (opens in a new tab) is required.


To provide an easier setup process that doesn't require installing the Rust toolchain, we are working on providing pre-built binaries of the CLI (opens in a new tab).

Installing the Plow CLI binary

To install the Plow CLI via cargo, you can run in a terminal:

cargo install plow_cli

After the installation is finished, you can verify that the binary is available via:

plow --help

Login to public registry

In order to take certain actions with the Plow CLI (e.g. publishing a package) or to have access to private packages that have been shared with your Plow registry account, you have to authenticate your installation of the CLI.

  • Log in (or create an account) under (opens in a new tab)
  • In your account settings create a new User Token, and copy it to your clipboard
  • In a terminal run (substituting [USER_TOKEN] with the token from your clipboard):
    plow login [USER_TOKEN]